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Breaking Seminars

Senior Master Wisniewski’s sessions make it easy for beginners & children to love breaking and he AMAZES black belts with just how many more they can break with the application of science and bio-mechanics​.


Protocol & Etiquette Seminars

Senior Master Wisniewski provides a course that gently introduces Protocol & Etiquette to students and makes them eager to follow it. Private tutoring for instructors on how to have a respectful and strong school is available.


Leadership Seminars

This program is designed to teach basic psychology, methodology, and practical application of leadership and instruction through the combined use of lectures, study book, exams, power point, through examples and basic drills.

Senior Master Wisniewski Seminar Teaching Taekwon-Do

Martial Arts Seminars

Martial Art Seminar Discuss the areas that you would like a TRUE Master to share his knowledge and Senior Master Wisniewski will make sure they are covered in the seminar. Seminar types that are often requested: ​Pattern movements, showing how everyday activities relate to increasing power, breaking ​bio-mechanics made simple; and sparring ​​bilateral training and creating ‘flow’.

Taekwon-Do Competition

Umpire Seminars

Training includes delivery of course taught by Senior Master Wisniewski or certified instructor, lecture, handouts, power point presentation, video review & training, practical training drills & exams, examination & score sheets, and certificate.

Self Defense

Self Defense Seminars

Custom build the seminar you want through a planning session with Senior Master Wisniewski. He has experience with private and corporate programs.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Contact someone who knows the industry and knows the practical implementation of policies including:

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