Senior Master Wisniewski

A few things he’s known for

Senior Master Wisniewski is very driven, accomplished and succesful.  Take a look at a few of his works.


Terry Wisniewski has written several books and has been a martial arts magazine columnist since 2013.

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Martial Artist

Senior Master Wisniewski’s guiding philosophy has always been train hard, learn how to do it yourself, set an example THEN teach others.

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Kicked fingers, flying boards and dangerous home-made board holders wer the reason martial arts schools stopped teaching board breaking.

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Available for individuals, small groups or organizations.


Board Breaking is fun, exciting, dynamic and ESSENTIAL for increasing striking speed and power. Learn tips, tricks and drills from a SPECIALIST who can do what he teaches.

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Protocol & Etiquette

This is an often overlooked but VITAL part of the growth and longevity of any successful martial arts school, however, many school owners are unsure of how to implement Protocol & Etiquette without offending students & parents.


Leadership-Instructor Training

Having strong, caring instructors is a must for all martial arts organizations. Knowing how to develop these leaders and teach them what they need to know is difficult especially if they are young.


Martial Arts Instruction

As a 10 time coach for the Canadian National Taekwon-Do Team (I.T.F.) Senior Master Wisniewski has the experience and knowledge that can help instructors bring their schools up to an international level of competition.


Umpire Training

As a certified Class A Umpire with the I.T.F. and experience coaching at the World Championships in EVERY event, Senior Master Wisniewski KNOWS the importance of properly trained umpires to ensure the right person wins but also for the development of the sport.


Self Defense

Learning self defense is one thing, understanding and remembering it is another. Beginners to experts, private, group or corporations, Senior Master Wisniewski can deliver the course you want.


Risk Management

Martial Arts is a high risk industry, howerver, most instructors and organizations do not practice Risk Management in ALL the areas they should.


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